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Here's our top ten products..

1. Hexagons 1" is the most used size, a range of 4 sizes is a good place to start )

2. Attic windows  an easy intro to EPP that doesnt require making a full size quilt.

3. Designer Pack ( 1" is the most popular)  

4. Lucy Boston's Patchwork of the Crosses ( 1" is the most popular, finishing packs available)

5. Clamshells -  three products that work together to make clamshells easy

6. Twist in time - one to WOW them, far easier than it looks.

7. Radiance - sister to Twist in time and gaining in popularity.

8. 60 degree diamonds - we suggest matching your size range to hexagons 

9. Finished applique Circle patterns - Celestial Beauty, Maytime Joy

(each of these finish as a circle that is then appliqued to a background block )

10. Mix and Match Petals - fun and easy applique, using starch and an iron.