FREE SHIPPING within Australia on all Eppiflex templates

All Eppiflex products are shipped for free within Australia. Unfortunately we can't offer free shipping on our tools / books alone, so buy yourself some templates and save on shipping!

We ship internationally via Australia Post.

Customers from the USA can ask their local store to order our products from Brewer Sewing.

We highly recommenend this option in preference to ordering online to avoid high shipping costs and what can be a lengthy wait for your parcel

UK and Europe - Contact SEW HOT, our new distributor in the UK.

We will always try to get you the best possible value for money when it comes to shipping. If we find we can get it to you for less than you have been charged, you will receive a refund on the difference. 

 Please be aware that there will be a handling time associated with this. We endeavour to get your parcel to you asap.

Customer Returns Policy
As per our statutory obligation we will accept customer returns on any product found to be faulty or unfit for purpose. Goods are returned at the buyers expense, and inspected by us before any refund is issued. No refund on shipping expenses. Please allow 7  - 14 days for a refund to be credited to your account once it has been granted.

Eppiflex Recycling Program

Let's face it... there is too much plastic on the planet.
Single use plastics are being slowly eradicated as we find better ways to carry our goods and cover our food, just for starters.

Eppiflex templates are made from BOPET ( biaxially oriented Polyethylene Terephthalate) which is everyday terms is "flat PET".

Being PET it is 100% recyclable, but please don't put it in your recycling bin. If it was a PET bottle your local recycling centre would know what to do with it, but being flat little shapes there is a likelyhood that it will end up in landfill. 

Instead, when it eventually reaches its use by date, send it back to the shop you bought it from, or send it back to us. We will make sure it ends up at the same place all our scrap goes - a PET recycling centre. 

We hand deliver our scrap there about once every two years.