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Pin cushion

Requirements for Pin Cushion 

Please read all of the instructions before you begin.

  • Pack of 1" Pentagons - you'll need 12 templates for each pin cushion
  • Fabrics ( I used mini machine embroideries I made earlier and paisley print)
  • Toyfill to stuff
  • Glue pen
  • Needle and thread


Step 1. ( for pre machine embroidered fabrics as in the sample, follow steps 1 to 4)

Remove all the tearaway from the embroideries, and give them an iron to close up any holes from basting threads. Snip of any loose threads.


Step 2. Use 5 of the Eppiflex templates in your pack to draw a “window” over your embroidered squares, centring the designs to the middle of your pentagon window.
Use a water erasable pen to mark the sewing edge.


Step 3. Trim the excess fabric away, leaving a 1/4 inch seam
allowance around the blue line.


Step 4. Secure your templates to the back of your trimmed
embroidery pentagons, using dabs of glue to hold the fabric to the
template as you fold each edge over to the back. DO NOT IRON at this stage as your blue erasable pen will set into the fabric.


Step 5. Use the same method without the fussy cutting prep to secure the remaining  templates. ( or all if you arent using pre embroidered panels).

 Step 6. You should now have 12 covered Pentagons ready to sew together. Use the sewing layout below as a guide to the sewing order. You can whip stitch or ladder stitch the templates together at their edges. Once you have the flat shape sewn, begin to bring the edges together working on one at a time, until you have a ball shape beginning to form.

Remove the templates from the top 6 pentagons ( the
embroideries and the “lid”).
You can leave the templates in the bottom 6 as they will act as a stabiliser and a base so that your pincushion doesn't roll around.

 Step 7. Before sewing the lid down, stuff your pincushion firmly with toyfill or stuffing.

 Step 8. Give it a spritz with a water spray bottle or pop it into the wash remove all the blue erasable pen.





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