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Stitch-a-hedron! English Paper Pieced Gifts and Accessories to Sew

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Author : Cathy Perlmutter

This book combines two ancient obsessions, polyhedra and English Paper Piecing, to show how to sew toys (balls for babies, paperweights for adults); home décor (bowls, ornaments, pincushions, a desktop planetarium); and artistic accessories (brooches and handbags.)
There are 17+ unique projects in this book that you will enjoy making and your friends and family will marvel over. The seven shapes explored in this book are: Dodecahedron and Stellated Dodecahedron; Truncated Octahedron; Truncated Cuboctahedron; Icosahedron; and Truncated Icosahedron.

Most of the projects can be hand or machine sewn. Each project includes step-by-step fully illustrated directions. You can use any fabric - including "precut" packs - or even upcycled material like candy wrappers and coffee bags.
And don't worry about your grade in high school geometry - no math is required!


Available as a downloadable PDF.  Paperback copies arriving soon.