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NEW Eppiflex Invisifil Boxed Set

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We have partnered up with Wonderfil threads to bring you our favourite colours in a handy 6 pack.  

We love Wonderfil Invisifil thread for English Paper Piecing. Its a delicate soft 100Wt polyester that just disappears into your seams. It wont melt under the iron because its polyester, not nylon.
You know what else? It's awesome for ditch stitching, a blending quilting thread when you don't want too much thread colour, even as a bobbin fill for machine embroidery. 
Long arm quilters are raving about its ability to give texture withour too much colour.

                       Who doesn't love versatility in their thread???

To keep things easy we sell it in the four best blending colours - white for lights ( white base prints) , tan for mediums ( muted colours, pastels)  green for brights and charcoal for  darks and black base prints
If you are not sure which one to use just lay a strand of each colour on your fabric - the choice will be clear - it's the thread thats the hardest to see against the fabric. 

Each box contains 

1 x soft white

2 x tan

2 x khaki green

1 x charcoal