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Needle Minder by Amy Kalissa

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Magnetic needle minders are one of the handiest gadgets you can have in your sewing kit and can be used with any type of stitching. These handmade needle minders are designed to attach securely to your work to hold your needle when you need to re-thread or in the unfortunate event that you may need to take a break from stitching.

They’ll also save your work if you’re the type of person to pin their needle through their project to prevent loss, and may even save a family member’s limb should you be the type of stitcher that may occasionally loose their needles!

Your needle minder comes as a decorative top and a plain magnetic back. The top is placed on the top of your work and the plain magnet at the back, sandwiching your fabric, where they attract together to stay in place, allowing your needle(s) to sit securely atop your gorgeous and handy needle minder.

Amy Kallissa Needle Minders measure approximately 23mm wide. Please understand that because some fabric prints are larger than others it is difficult to re-create the exact same Needle Minder as that which is pictured above, however it will still be just as beautiful!

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