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English Paper Piecing Workshop

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18 EPP Projects for Beginners and Beyond
Author : Jenny Jackson


Do you love bright, geometric quilt designs but wonder how to get such sharp points and accurate piecing? English paper piecing is the answer and this collection shows you how to sew your own patchwork projects even if you've never made a quilt before.

There are 18 projects for the home in a variety of sizes so you can build up to a full-sized quilt but you can also dip in and out of some smaller projects such as coasters, wall hangings and cushions while you hone your skills. The projects include repeats of EPP patterns and blocks as well as how to use EPP blocks and rosettes as applique within quilts and other projects.

It's not just about the hexagon either: the author’s geometric designs feature 20 different paper pieced templates including diamonds, octagons and even curved shapes for really exciting results. These sheets can be photocopied to give you multiple templates, fast. You can even flex your own creative muscle with the colouring pages included for every project so you can experiment with your own colour combinations to make your own unique designs.