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Day One - Free Motion for beginners

10 x fabric - wadding - fabric sandwiches approx 30cm x 30cm

NOTE - Please make sure it is PLAIN fabric, not patterned, there is no need to pin or baste the sandwiches

good quality thread that is in contrast to the fabric ( ie you can see it well when you lay it on the fabric, that is DOES NOT blend in.

sewing machine in good working order plus extension table if you have one

new machine needle in your machine

darning / free motion foot

quilting gloves ( available for sale at the class) 

slider mat ( available for sale at the class) 

open ended (self threading) needle  ( available for sale at the class) 

fabric pen (water erasable)

sharp pencil and a pencil sharpener

Day Two - Free Motion Rulers for beginners

3 x Samples.. Approx 12” to 16” squares of plain fabric, squares of wadding and backing (x3)

Sewing machine with ruler foot.   See pic below ( not included with your machine) 

Extension Table for your machine—this is a MUST for this class

Thread - a colour that’s easy to see on your fabric

Fabric marker like a blue erasable marker that you can easily see on your fabric

Quilters ruler and a 12” quilters square ( Handy but not essential)

Large scrapbook ( nothing fancy, blank pages is great) and a pencil.

A 1/4” spacer for drawing designs ( I can bring some as we make these )

Students are encouraged to bring along a quilt or quilt blocks for some ideas on how to quilt them.