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Rulerwork Quilting Idea Book

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Author: Amanda Murphy

 192 pages

Quilting rulers have long been used by longarm quilters to make uniform shapes while quilting, but now, with the advent of the domestic ruler foot, domestic quilters can join in on the fun, too!

Amanda Murphy starts by showing you how to use 6 basic shapes of machine quilting rulers to lay a foundation for your quilting, then moves on to teaching you 59 different designs. Finish up by following Amanda’s suggestions for filling in the background space with free-motion quilting.

  • Basic introduction to rulerwork, with tons of helpful information on using quilting rulers and ruler feet
  • Stitch 59 designs using 6 basic quilting ruler shapes, including straight lines, circles and squiggles
  • Combine rulerwork and free-motion quilting with Amanda’s innovative suggestions