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Newtown Bag Kit

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The Newtown bag idea swirled around in my head for weeks.

I knew I wanted to make a sunray wedge feature and use our funky wooden bead handle and tie it all together with some great Anna Maria Horner prints. 

I'm more than happy with how it has turned out. It's my favourite bag design now 😍

Best of all the template pieces can be used as a quilt block when you're done making the bag.. Check out my FREE PATTERN that combines these templates and the Celestial Beauty Pack..

The pattern is suitable for bag beginners. It only has one layer of stabiliser ( bag batting ) so it's not a full body workout to sew the parts together.

The piping around the zipper looks tricky, but I'm calling it "accidental piping" because it kind of happens all by itself. 

For a limited time we can offer a few versions of this kit, because we can't get those exact fabrics forever 😪



So let's explain what's in each kit..


Kit 1.  The full colour step by step pattern,  the Eppiflex wedges / semi circle templates to create the sunray sides, and the beaded handles ( set of 2)


Kit 2. The almost caboodle...  Kit 1 PLUS the following (precut and ready to sew)

  • 18  3" x 5" precuts for Sunrise sides
  • Purity Linen ("Deep Sea") for top, base, handle tabs and side trims
  • Accent fabric for Zipper Tabs
  • 15.5" Byannie Zipper in Turquoise, and 1 x Zipper Pull


Finished size 13" x 8"

Additional Requirements

Bag batting 18" x 23" 

Lining fabric 35cm