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Le Grande Desert Eppiflex Template Kits

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Starter pack - Enough pieces to get you going - the templates in this pack are enough for 2 x complete rows ( ie Row 2 and 3) of the quilt.
Perfect if you are not quite ready to commit to the full quilt, but might like to make a table runner or similar.

  • Piece A x 48
  • Piece B x 3 ( circles )
  • Piece C x 22
  • Piece D x 2 ( half circles)
  • Piece E x 48
  • Piece F x 48
  • Piece H x 4

Half Pack - Approx 463 pieces
In this pack are enough templates to complete half of the quilt from Willyne Hammerstein's "Millefiori Quilts 3" book.
Its quite easy to make half the rows, join them, remove your templates to keep going.
If you want to make all the blocks first you may need to buy 2 x half packs so that you have every template for the quilt.  
The half pack conatins the following

  • Piece A x 132
  • Piece B x 7 ( circles )
  • Piece C x 61
  • Piece D x 8 ( half circles)
  • Piece E x 132
  • Piece F x 128
  • Piece G x 8
  • Piece H x 10

No patterns included, please make sure you have the book "Millefiori Quilts 3"